What Do Appraisers Look For During Home Appraisals?

If you are selling or buying a property, one of the items you are likely to be focused on is the price of the property. This will be the case if you are selling a home and you are hoping to receive a particular amount of money from the sale. For the price of your home to be determined, you will need the help of an appraiser.

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It will be beneficial if you know what appraisers are looking for when they put a price on a property. This way, you will have a chance to make changes that will positively impact the pricing of your property. Here are some of the items to be mindful about.

Property Size

The first major item that our appraisers check is the size of the property, noting the number of rooms, beds, bathrooms as well as the size of those rooms. If your house is spacious and has a good number of rooms, then it will most likely be priced higher. The property size is just one factor, however. You will still have to look into other items that will affect the price of your home. It is very possible that you will get a low price for your big home if the other items on the appraiser’s checklist are below standard.

Curb Appeal

You should not ignore your front yard because this is one of the top items in the appraiser’s checklist. You will be amazed to know how little improvements in your front yard and backyard can jack up the price of your property. The improvements need not be expensive. Clean the yard, clip branches, improve the pathway and incorporate some interesting plants to offer a better first impression with potential buyers.

Interior Quality

Your property will be priced higher if the interior looks spacious and has a cohesive design. Check the condition of the structure, the walls, floors, doors and windows and make sure that there is no damage. It will benefit you if you upgrade any portion of the interior that looks outdated. It may be a simple case of removing old and worn out carpets or repainting the walls.


Our appraisers will definitely take into account any additions that you have incorporated into the house. This may be a deck area, outdoor kitchen, gazebo or swimming pool. If you have made the additions or improvements after purchasing the property, then you will have to let the appraiser know of the particular upgrades that you have done.