Shared Living – Hell Or Paradise?

A broad percentage of the myriad of people we call tenants are not your average family unit. Mum, dad, kids, pet.

For some, it may be the extended family, which could include one or more grandparents, an aunt, or uncle even.

For some it may be a couple of single mums, or two or three singles sharing a home. This may be for a number of reasons and Bunbury Real Estate enjoy the experience of the many personalities that come through our door sharing their attitudes, beliefs and recipes!

So what is it that drives people to shared living and how can you make the best of it?

Helps out With the Children and Saves Money

It may be that grandparents are living in a shared situation to help their children out with their own children. The simple pleasures of being close can be cherished. Obviously, there is a financial benefit that cannot be overlooked, that is, sharing of a home and its associated expenses.

Trying to Save a Deposit for a House

Some young people have chosen to move back into their family home in an effort to save the money required to put down a deposit on a home of their own.

Singles Sharing the Load

The single life has many freedoms but does not necessarily mean that you want or have to live on your own. The major drawcard to singles sharing together is to improve their living environment. Two or three people sharing a four-bedroom home allows them the space and freedom and saves a whole heap of cash to boot.

Living in a shared house environment can open the doors to many and more experiences, jobs, relationships, bargains, parties. The list goes on and on.

Dealing With the Bumps in the Road

It does not matter how close you are or how much you love each other or even how detached you can make yourself. The fact is that energies of all sorts can run a little high when they all come together.

When you share with anyone it is important to always stay in allowance of them as a person. This is the only way you can be in a position to expect it for yourself.

Without judgement and an understanding of each other’s personality traits, likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses you will all be in a much better position to solve issues and create meaningful procedures and relationships that complement you as a team.