A Disciplined Approach to Saving for a Home

Those who dream of eventually owning their own home need a starting point to focus their energies, and for most people that starting point is a house deposit. With house prices in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, having a reasonable deposit gives the prospective homeowner financial credibility when shopping around for a competitive housing […]

An Investment Property Needs Careful Management

If you have just purchased your first investment property, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed now that you have officially become a landlord. There are quite a few important decisions that now need to be made. Getting them right will mean the difference between enjoying a carefree income producing asset or struggling month-to-month to […]

Should The Seasons Dictate When To List Your Home For Sale?

It has long been real estate wisdom that the best month to put your home on the market is the beginning of spring and in Australia, that means September. The thinking is that gardens emerging lush and colourful from the bleakness of winter, plus extra light flooding living spaces, combine to present the dwelling at […]