Red colored "For Rent" sign with flesh colored house as a background

Renting Is A Lifestyle Choice For Many

In some parts of Australia, especially the capital cities close to business centres, home prices have risen to a level that has driven many potential buyers out of the market. These potential buyers are now renters, and many of them are looking at renting as a lifestyle choice, at least for the foreseeable future. Renting […]

Living room with a dirty white colored couch, gray spinning chair, and a black lamp with two paintings

Furnished or Unfurnished Rental Property: Which Should You Get?

Renters do not only face the issue of what type of rental property to live in. They also need to decide whether they want a full furnished, partially furnished or unfurnished rental property. As the name implies, a furnished rental property includes all furniture and appliances. A partially furnished property normally includes only furniture. An […]