Rent or Buy In Bunbury

The number one question we have to answer is should you buy or rent a property when you live in, or move to our beautiful part of the world. The picturesque countryside and the amazing ocean views along this part of Western Australia are to die for and are well sort after. The staff members […]

Baby wearing red top touching woman's face

Finding The Perfect Family Home – To Rent

Finding the perfect family home can be a challenge. Mum is looking for a nice kitchen and somewhere to conduct her favourite hobby whether it be tending the vegetable garden or creating amazing water colours. Dad is looking for that all important shed, a good ADSL connection and somewhere to play a lazy game of […]

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When Is The Right Time To Buy A Property

Knowing when it is the right time to buy a property could make all the difference to making a successful purchase on an investment that could be very beneficial to you. Real estate agents make it their business to know the factors that will contribute to making it a success and what you need to […]