Moving To A New House? Be Prepared For Extra Costs

Whether you are planning to move from your existing dwelling into your own home or another rental, your head is probably already filled with dozens of things you need to do. There are all kinds of details to remember before the moving van arrives and forgetting any of them could mean that your move becomes a logistical disaster.

Establish a House Moving Budget

Chief among them is the cost, and unless this is known beforehand, and money set aside to cover it, your first experience in your new home could be the shock of an unexpected bill. To those of us who don’t manage money well, budgeting is boring, but when moving house, it is just as essential as advising everyone of your change of address.

As a real estate agency specialising in both sales and rentals, we have seen quite a few clients financially overstretched because they didn’t cost everything in advance. At Bunbury Real Estate, we are expert at helping people find properties that suit their life styles but we can only advise that moving can be expensive, and suggest they stick to a budget.

Sell Things you Don’t Want

The most effective way to get the most out of your moving dollar is to be aware of the hidden costs of moving and plan some strategies to avoid them. For example, don’t take things with you that you don’t want. Donate them, sell them online or have a garage sale. You will get some extra cash in hand, and you won’t be paying for the extra space to transport them, only to throw them out when unpacking.

Don’t Waste Money

Don’t buy anything new now but wait until you have moved in and lived in the property for a while. A bargain piece of furniture now may be a waste of money if it doesn’t fit when you move into your new abode. Also, if you have subscriptions such as pay TV, cancel them now and put the savings towards your moving expenses.

Do Your Own Cleaning

Most rental agreements require that you get carpets professionally cleaned before you leave. However, doing all the other cleaning yourself, including mowing the lawn and tidying the garden, will save you hundreds of dollars. Use this to offset the cost of professional movers, who are experts at packing and protecting your important pieces.

Move Outside of Peak Hour

Another suggestion is to plan the move outside of peak hour. If your removalists or truck rental company charge by the hour, sitting idly in a traffic gridlock is a waste of money. Also, make sure all your possessions are insured while in transit, especially if you are moving yourself. Traffic accidents are a fact of life, so make sure you are covered.