Hot Tips To Get Your Home Sold Quickly

We, at Bunbury Real Estate pride ourselves on our sales success rate but we don’t do it on our own. It takes a well-designed sales plan to achieve a top-rated sale and that means working with the property owner and vice versa.

Today, we want to offer you some sound tips to assist you with what you need to do to get your home market ready, but we have also thrown in some out of the box ideas to create an original and successful campaign.

Tip # 1: Get Savvy About Your Competition

Even before you put your home on the market it is a great idea to get out to some of the open homes in your area. Don’t just target homes that offer similar appointments to your own. It is essential to get a rounded idea of what is being offered in the market at any one time.

Tip # 2: Be Realistic and Open to Advice

When you are talking about your own home it is easy to get wrapped up on how much that cost, and how much time that took. The time, money, and energy you pour into your home may not convert to a sale the way you think. Listen to advice offered by the professionals.

Tip # 3: Staging is Essential

Staging your home can range from a lick of paint on walls, keeping the lawns neat and trim or even adding a feature or two (if you are time poor, consider paying a gardener to do it for you to keep it at its best). It may mean removing excess furniture or personal items. Setting the table on your deck or patio to look like it’s ready for entertaining also offers a great visual for prospective buyers.

Tip # 4: Access is Crucial

Don’t be too demanding on expecting an advance warning. A buyer can walk through our door at any time of the day and want to look through a property. Making them wait can be a real wet blanket.

Tip # 5: Post Your Own Video

In this electronic day and age, a buyer can do a lot of investigation from the comfort of their own lounge chair. Posting a YouTube video can work wonders. Think about what you love about your home and its surrounds. Do your kids love the park? Show it. Do you have a favourite restaurant or club? Show it.

Tip # 6: Go With The McDonalds Approach – Would You Like Fries With That?

Does your house back onto a golf course? Perhaps you could throw in your buggy. Maybe you have a large screen in your movie room that won’t fit where you are going. Leave it. Buyers just love this sort of added extras.