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A little more about Dalyellup

Dalyellup is a young suburb with the majority of residents being made up of young families. The area has a strong family focus. It currently offers three primary schools, 2 high schools and many quality parks, playgrounds and sporting facilities. There are large areas of designated open space, both forest and dunes and a large section of Dalyellupis within walking distance to the ocean. Currently the estimated population is around 8,000 people with lots of space and opportunity to grow.

dalyellupAs a relatively new suburb, the properties at Dalyellup are mostly modern style homes set in neat, suburban subdivisions with all services. This is a market where local knowledge is crucial to getting the best price when selling, and we have just the right team of experienced local agents who will market your property to its best advantage.

Seachange locations are always in demand and especially in the case of Dalyellup, where the preservation of the environment was a top priority in its development. This makes it very attractive to investors who can count on our top property management team in Dallyellup to get quality tenants to match the quality of the homes.

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