Do Your Research to Get the Right Property

If you are a potential new investor who is looking at property as part of your emerging investment portfolio, you are in good company, especially if residential property is your target. This type of investment has never lost its appeal, continuing to prosper through recessions, growth periods and changes of government.

The worst mistake you could make at this point is to think of buying property as a short-term prospect. Building wealth through property is a medium- to longer-term prospect and, if done wisely, it is usually successful.

PO box Rental Return or Capital Gain?

As a new investor, you need to make an informed decision, and the best way to do this is to ask yourself several key questions. “Am I looking for rental return or capital gain?” This should be your first question, as the answer will determine the type of property you purchase.

High rental return will help you meet the mortgage payments, but may not give you capital gain. Capital gain will give you the equity to buy your second property, but if the property has a low rental return, you will need to contribute to the mortgage payments from your own income. Get a rental appraisal for  an accurate picture of the property’s potential.

PO box How is the Local Market Performing?

This is a question we are often asked by people looking to buy in our area. At Bunbury Real Estate, we pride ourselves at having up to date information about developments that will have an impact on local housing prices. We know how unemployment in the area, for example, will affect tenants’ ability to pay their rent. We know if there are any major projects being considered for areas that will bring growth and job opportunities. These are the type of issues that people look at when thinking about investing in any area, and we can help by being on top of housing prices at our location.

PO box Is There Much Competition?

This is another question we can help to answer for the new investor. An area that is saturated with investment properties, either family homes or apartment dwellings, reduces the likelihood of good rental returns. A first-timer may do better in an area where there is high demand for rentals and a shortage of suitable housing. A local agency like ours can pinpoint this much more accurately than one that is operating, for example, from interstate.

PO box The More Questions, the Better the Outcome

There are many other questions that a first-time investor should be asking of their accountant and mortgage broker, but those about the properties themselves are best asked to the local real estate agency. We always have time to answer any questions so when we sell a property, the buyer is happy with the outcome.