A Quick Sale Needs a Logical Strategy

Every property owner listing a home for sale wants to get the best price possible in the shortest time frame. Having made the decision to sell, most vendors just want to finalise everything and move on. Often however, the price they want is way above market value for the location and type of property, and it languishes on the market for months.

Overpricing a Property is Just Wasting Time and Money

Buyers looking in the area see this property regularly advertised and assume there is something wrong with it, otherwise it would have been sold. Once a seller is trapped into this cycle, it is difficult to change it. Usually, the only way is to take the property off the market, wait for a few weeks and relaunch it. This wastes time and money, and most vendors realise they should have listened to their agent’s advice.
We have experienced this scenario many times. Our agency, Bunbury Real Estate, has assisted many owners to sell their properties and those who hold out for an unachievable price usually end up regretting it. If you are a vendor who needs to sell quickly in any market you need to take decisive action.

A Quick Sale Needs Kerb Appeal

To get buyers out of the car and into your house, it must have kerb appeal. Tidy up the lawns and gardens, trim overhanging trees, paint and clean where needed. Repair anything broken so it looks inviting. Make sure the inside is as tidy and clean as the outside. Clear out clutter and personal items so buyers can see themselves living here.
Simple Upgrades Makes Tired Areas Look Like New

Upgrade taps, sinks or shower screens and put modern handles on the kitchen cupboards to make these tired areas look like new. Make repairs and paint entire rooms if necessary. Get rid of faded or torn curtains and blinds; put up new ones. Arrange a building and pest inspection, and fix anything in the report needing attention. Buyers love having official confirmation that the property is in good order.

List with a Local Agent

List with an agent like us who knows the area and who has an effective marketing strategy. Their advice about pricing in the current market is based on comparable properties in the area that have sold recently. You are not expected to give it away, but if it is overpriced, it will sit on the market, costing you money in advertising and holding costs.
If your goal is to sell quickly, these strategies will set the agenda and our sales staff members are there to help you find a buyer and get a reasonable price for the property.